Competition in the Telecom sector

Find a series of insightful contributions around a topic of major interest on the contribution of telecom operators in the development of the European Economic Area.

Estimating the impact of FttH co-investment on coverage, adoption and competition – January 2018

Impact of competition, investment and regulation on prices of mobile services: Evidence from France – November 2017


Entry and Merger Policy – August 2017


The European mobile mergers controversy – May 2017


What Level of Competition Intensity Maximises Investment in the Wireless Industry? – April 2016

Impact of number of mobile operators on investments - December 2015


IDATE report on “Mobile operators’ investments” - November 2015

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Investments in Telecommunications Services higher in the US than in the EU: a robust, enduring and increasing gap observed whatever the source - September 2015


What causes the megabyte price drop in the mobile industry? – April 2015

A symmetrical regulation for an intensified very high broadband deployment – Working paper - March 2015


Towards Guidelines for Efficiency Analysis in Mergers and Antitrust Cases - Institut d’Économie Industrielle - May 2014


Competition and investment – Institut d’Économie Industrielle - March 2014


The economics of margin squeeze – Industrial Economic Institute - March 2014


Supercollider : European mobile consolidation is win-win for operators and citizens alike – HSBC Global Resarch - February 2014


Regulation of monopoly – Industrial  Economic Institute - September 2010