OTT/ Telecom operators and open internet

Find a series of insightful contributions around a topic of major interest on the contribution of telecom operators in the development of the European Economic Area.

OTT/ Telecom operators and open internet

Effects on Net Neutrality of externalities between contents and applications - October 2018

Zero rating and end-users’ freedom of choice: an economic analysis – August 2018

The Market Dominance of US Digital Platforms: Antitrust Implications for the European Union – February 2018

The value of personal information in online markets with endogenous privacy – October 2017


The EU in the global ICT dynamics - Communications & Stratégies - May 2015


Economic Impact of European Reform of Personal Data Protection – Florence School of Regulation - 28 May 2015


The Economic Impact of the European Reform of Data Protection – Communication & Stratégies - March 2015


Taxation and the digital economy: A survey of theoretical models – France Stratégie - February 2015


Proposal for the reform of the regulation of digital services – Orange Working Document - December 2014


Network Neutrality Revisited: Challenges and Responses in the EU and in the US – Etude pour le Parlement européen - December 2014


Achieving a level playing field between the players of the internet value chain - Communications & Stratégies - March 2014


Lights and Shadows from Economic  Analysis on Net Neutrality and Internet Pricing Policies  - Communications & Stratégies n°84 - 4th Q. 2011