Digitising Europe to take the lead

The 3rd edition of the Orange “Rendez-Vous,” which was held yesterday evening in Brussels, was a gathering place for representatives of European and national institutions, various industries, as well as start-ups and telecommunications operators. This event, entitled “Digitalizing Europe to Take the Lead”, was an opportunity to exchange information regarding competitiveness and digitalization issues in various European sectors of activity.

A review of the Orange “Rendez-Vous” in Brussels.

Digitising Europe to take the lead

In all, 173 representatives of the European digital ecosystem attended this “Rendez-Vous” at the invitation of Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of the Orange Group.

Echoing the European Commission’s initiative of this past April to digitalize European industry, Stéphane Richard stated: “that open innovation and a less divided market are the prior conditions for a more competitive Europe ”.

Relive the highlights of this event :

The Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, underlined during his presentation that the digital creates more jobs than it destroys, and the development of abilities is essential to reap its benefits.

At the event, a five-member panel also discussed solutions to accelerate the process of digitalizing the European economy.

Pierre Louette, Chief Executive Office Delegate of the group, reminded us the importance of Europe and harmonization to accelerate the digitized economy, while the European Deputy K. Kallas encouraged the whole european companies to include the digital in the core of them strategy.

The evening ended with a cocktail in a showroom with several exhibitions of innovative services where the participants immerged themselves in the future of the connected-company.

Each person present was able to take stock of the upcoming changes: The digital transformation will redefine our economy and industries. We will have to rethink the entire value chain in each and every sector of activity.