Orange in Brussels

Orange is an active contributor to ongoing debates that are shaping Europe’s digital future. With direct operations in 8 Europeans countries including 7 EU Member States, European issues are on top of our agenda.

Orange in Brussels

EuropeInside: Towards an inclusive & more sovereign digital EU

Digital transformation is a global phenomena that represents one of the key challenges for the European Union. While some concerns are rightfully voiced about digitalisation, it is also a great opportunity to seize, if rightfully framed at European level. Digitalising Europe’s economies and society can give citizens access to new services, education, making everyday life easier; spur greener, more sustainable global growth, and form the foundation for more efficient industrial and business processes.

We consider that the way forward for the EU is to follow a human centric approach whereby our core values are fully respected and citizens are empowered to act in a digital society. For Europe to regain competitiveness and digital leadership globally, additional support should be given to innovation, research, cybersecurity, and investment in state-of-the-art networks. To ensure that Europe can successfully complete its digital transformation, Orange is proposing several measures in its EuropeInside Manifesto.

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