Orange in Brussels

Orange is an active contributor to ongoing debates that are shaping Europe’s digital future. With direct operations in 8 Europeans countries including 7 EU Member States, European issues are on top of our agenda.

Orange in Brussels

With worldwide investments over 7 billion euros in 2016 and more than 8,000 employees dedicated to research and innovation, Orange strives to offer our customers – persons as well as companies – innovative, easy to use and secure services fit for a digital era.

The European debate is crucial for Orange because the legal and regulatory frameworks exert influence on our ability to innovate and to operate. It is at European level that

  • the regulation on infrastructures is defined;
  • competition policy is orientated and implemented;
  • various rules governing the digital economy are being developed.

Orange, through its office of representation based in Brussels, is a trusted partner in the EU digital policy-making process.

On these pages, you will find  Orange’s vision for a digitally driven growth. We hope they will also guide you on key European digital topics. Enjoy your visit!

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