Orange topics

Orange is active in many topic areas reflecting the considerable variety of business activitites and locations within our footprint. Included here are a selection of up-to-date breifings for policy makers and the public.

The Future of Audiovisual Content in the Digital Age


A regulation fit for EU digital challenges, a re-designed regulation for innovation and investments in the EU

  1. Network regulation to foster investments
  2. Service regulation: for a Level Playing Field
  3. Internet Governance
  4. Open Internet
  5. Spectrum management reform


An innovation policy towards open collaborative ecosystems

  1. Digital Skills as a prerequisite for Europe's digital revival
  2. Standards for a thriving digital economy
  3. Challenges ahead for a Big Data economy
  4. Supporting start up
  5. The internet of Things: a boost for European Industry


An industrial policy to support new technologies: a digital revolution for the EU industry

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Smart Cities
  3. e-Health and m-Health


Trust for a digital world : privacy and security for a safe and secure internet

  1. Online privacy
  2. Cybersecurity and telecommunications in the EU


Action items for a digital society and a development support policy

  1. Internet for all
  2. ICT strong lever for European aid programs