Orange topics

Orange is active in many topic areas reflecting the considerable variety of business activitites and locations within our footprint. Included here are a selection of up-to-date breifings for policy makers and the public.

The Future of Audiovisual Content in the Digital Age


A regulation fit for EU digital challenges, a re-designed regulation for innovation and investments in the EU

  1. Network regulation to foster investments
  2. Service regulation: for a Level Playing Field
  3. Internet Governance
  4. Open Internet
  5. Spectrum management reform


An innovation policy towards open collaborative ecosystems

  1. Digital Skills as a prerequisite for Europe's digital revival
  2. Standards for a thriving digital economy
  3. Challenges ahead for a Big Data economy
  4. Supporting start up
  5. The internet of Things: a boost for European Industry


An industrial policy to support new technologies: a digital revolution for the EU industry

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Smart Cities
  3. e-Health and m-Health


Trust for a digital world : privacy and security for a safe and secure internet

  1. Online privacy
  2. Cybersecurity ans telecommunications in the EU


Points d'action pour une société numérique et une politique d'aide au développement

  1. Internet pour tous
  2. Les TIC et l'aide au développement