Cybersecurity and telecommunications in the EU

Cyber-attacks are a growing and unavoidable threat. Hackers are readily overcoming ICT defences and their attacks grow bolder and more sophisticated.

By some estimates, intrusions increased by 49 per cent in 2014, with one billion items of stolen data and important financial losses in spite of security measures. It is not a surprise then that the market for security products and services is booming, with an expected growth of $11billion between 2014 and 2016, of which $ 8 billion is related to security services in particular.

Telecommunications networks have a number of relationships to this topic: they are a target for attack, unwitting carriers of attacks and, as a result, a growing centre of expertise in how to prevent or reduce their impact. This paper looks at cyber security from a telecoms perspective.
Thus, innovation continuously brings strong benefits, simultaneously raising new security challenges: this is why policy making should continue to promote an active R&D vision and provision for appropriate tools and leverages.
Orange Business Services operates managed security services in 160 countries and territories, working 24/7/365. We have 1,000 experts, working together with our six Security Operation Centres (SOCs) around the world, and who together constitute one of the largest repositories of security expertise. We manage security for over 600 multinational companies and their 400,000 distant users. In addition, we have R&D labs and an industry-leading centre focusing on ‘cyber epidemiology’ and ‘signal intelligence’.

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