Digital Skills for growth and competitiveness in Europe

Digital skills and expertise are key drivers for Europe to adopt digital technologies, but also to regain its edge in a highly competitive world. Orange is convinced that empowering European citizens with skills that could accelerate the digitalization of the economy but also help to face its many new challenges, would not only create a lot of jobs but also foster the blossoming of a whole ecosystem of digital creation and innovation.

The ambition of digital excellence has to be supported at European level. This concerns us all: from leaders to simple citizens, from businesses to users, from students to experienced workers. No one should be left out and miss the opportunity to fully embrace the digital revolution. Moreover, fostering the appetite for digital entrepreneurship and empowering Europeans to create the digital services of the future is a forward looking strategy to create the jobs of tomorrow.

Committed to digital for all, Orange is a strong advocate for education, digital solidarity as well as digital learning tools. This is why we partner with as many stakeholders as possible to support the progress of digital skills.

Orange's position