Proposal for the reform of the regulation of digital services

The internet offers an ever richer choice of digital services delivered via telecommunication networks that are overall beneficial to consumers in terms of choice, but that require the updating of the current legal framework.

This working Document proposes to reform the European regulation of digital services to better address consumer protection, public interests and ensure fair competition among players of the digital value chains.
Reforms should start from the redefinition of the current regulatory categories of “Information Society Services” and of “Electronic Communications Services” used in the European regulation which have become obsolete; and should then redesign the obligations associated with these categories such as transparency and non-discrimination, security, privacy, data retention, emergency services, interoperability, portability, etc.
Digital services should be subject to a common set of rules enshrined in a new horizontal European legislation, whichever the provider or the technology used, while the current electronic communication framework should be limited to the Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) and Internet Access Services (IAS).

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