Spectrum management reform

Radio spectrum is a key and scarce resource for connectivity. The need for spectrum is driven by an exponential increase in the volume of mobile data traffic. Therefore, the EU should develop a strategic plan to make sufficient and appropriate spectrum available to meet increasing demand.

In this respect the European regulatory framework has played a generally positive role which could be reinforced in the context of the telecom framework review.

The end goal of EU spectrum policy should be to create consistent and predictable regime for the allocation of spectrum resources to mobile services. The current market and regulatory situation impedes investment, innovation and rapid availability of spectrum for network deployment. Market players are not incentivized to provide new and innovative uses, and are prevented from establishing economically advantageous wireless connectivity at EU scale for new digital services and applications such as the Internet of Things, connected vehicles or other connectivity-enabled products.
Uncoordinated spectrum assignments in the EU are holding back the Union’s potential to benefit from the advantages of wireless broadband and the digital revolution.

Orange's position