eHealth and mHealth in Europe

Policy ideas for the development of eHealth and mHealth in Europe.

The fields of eHealth and mHealth often overlap. On one hand, the terms refer to medical solutions aimed at health staff and hospitals, in a mainly business-to-business market. In other cases, in the rapidly growing ‘wellness’ market for example, people use data related to their own health – weight or cholesterol levels – for their personal use. Thus the processing of personal data used for wellness/health objectives doesn’t require the same level of sensitivity as medical data in the formal sense.

Some standards have been developed by industry consortia, although seemingly in an uncoordinated and intentionally competitive way. This is why it is important that authorities take a stand on which standards they wish to promote, validate or adopt. These standards are key to ensure that medical eHealth data - including data acquired and transferred through mobile devices - are kept secure.

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