Internet for all

With the development of new technologies and the advent of the internet, the number of people using a computer on a daily basis -  as well as connecting to the internet, using social medias and sending e-mails, both in their professional and private life – is constantly growing. This worldwide revolution has a significant impact on our lives.

The Internet belongs to everyone and should remain accessible to all

Orange advocates for an open and sustainable internet, that would remain accessible for everybody :  from  consumers who must have access to any information or service they choose, to  content and service providers who want all end users  to use their  services. Regarding internet access, the net neutrality principle is about providing good performance networks to all. To this end, there is a need to manage internet traffic, thanks to a scheme that  should be un-discriminatory and apply in the same way to the same services, whether they are – or not – granted by the access provider.

Orange stands up for a multi-stakeholder internet governance

In Orange’s view, it is absolutely necessary to develop an open, transparent and multi-stakeholder governance system, which would leave space for citizens’ rights to be fully exercised  and at the same time for commercial practices to develop for the everybody’s benefit.

Developing children’s digital uses in full safety

Since the Internet has become an essential tool for the next generations as well, it is important to make sure that these can access to digital resources, in a safe and responsible way. Orange is strongly committed to   the protection of children and teenagers and has set up numerous initiatives:

  • Raising public awareness to actively promote a responsible use of the new technologies and the web,
  • Organizing various trainings for parents, teachers and  children to instigate the appropriate reactions,
  • Developing parental control tools and specific offers adapted to the digital uses of young individuals.