Achieving a EU data protection & privacy framework that supports European innovation and the data economy.

The digital era brings important transformations to our everyday lives, whether it be personally or professionally. The continued digitalisation of everyday activities generates considerable volumes of communications and data.  This phenomena is amplified by technological factors (multiplication of intelligent sensors, internet of objects…) and behavioural factors (increase in the use of on-line services, such as e-commerce, more of our personal lives being on-line…).  The internet is transforming into a vast ocean of data, of which a large part is personal data, produced by users themselves.

privacy and data protection

Across Europe, the process of updating the current data protection framework with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is well underway to achieving the deadline of May 2018.  The GDPR will provide a strengthened and future proof general data protection and privacy regime across all Member States of the EU.  At the same time, the European institutions are in the process of reviewing the current sector-specific ePrivacy Directive. Orange strongly believes that the principles of confidentiality should apply to all actors providing the same services, as proposed.  However, to support growth and European competitiveness, embracing the emergence of new use cases and the importance of big data for the whole economy is key, and hence, there is a clear need to simplify and streamline rules for the processing of data in full alignment with the strict provisions of the GDPR, not hindering innovation, while ensuring a high level of data protection rules for end-users.

On this page, you will find papers describing how Orange understands and perceives the challenges of the data protection.


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