The Digital Single Market

On May 6th 2015, the European Commission published its Digital Single Market strategy (also referred to as ‘DSM’).

This strategy is critical to restore growth, competitiveness and create jobs in the EU. Digital issues must be at the heart of EU action and the DSM strategy embodies the Commission’s focus towards these goals.

The position of the European digital industry on global markets is under great pressure. It is urgent to support its competitiveness, which depends on a deep reform of European policies.

Orange shares the Commission’s analysis on many topics, for instance with regards to the telecom review or to steps towards an efficient and harmonized spectrum management framework. With clear-cut policy orientations, the European Commission can greatly enhance trustin Europe’s digital future, from operators as well as from investors. Indeed, this trust is a pre-requisite that comes even before the implementation of profoundstructural reforms, which are sorely needed but will take much more time.

Orange urges the European Commission to set ambitions that can match the current stakes that : increase the level of investment in infrastructures, review the telecom regulation into a framework that would ensure a level playing field for all digital services. In this respect, the EC Communication on the DSM Strategy defines interesting guidance on spectrum and regulatory playing field in the digital value chain.