The European Commission's roadmap

The Commission’s strategy for a Digital Single Market

The Commission sets new European ambitions in the digital field.

6 May 2015: the European Commission publishes its strategy for a Digital Single Market in Europe. This strategy is based on 3 pillars:

  • A better access to digital services for individuals and businesses throughout Europ
  • Better conditions for the development of networks and services, with a revised regulatory framework to foster infrastructure investment and innovation
  • A digital economy to drive the European growth.

Each pillar is developed into various measures, with a total of 16 actions towards the objectives.

Committed to Europe, Orange will actively contribute to the targets underlying the Digital Single Market, that include the deployment of high performance infrastructures and the restoration of trust in the digital economy. In doing so, Orange is also an active participant of ongoing debates for the elaboration process of digital policies.

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