Welcome to Orange Botswana

The mobile market is still developing, despite a high penetration rate that reached 168% of the population in March 2015 (source: BOCRA 2015 annual report).

In 2015, Orange cemented its number two ranking in the mobile market, with almost 947,000 active customers at year-end (source: Orange Botswana) and a market share of 32%, which remained
constant since 2014 (source: BOCRA 2015 annual report). 2015 also saw the launch of new innovative services such as 4G. On the fixed broadband market, a new operator, Konnecta, is competing with BTCL.

Orange was the first mobile operator to launch 4G services in 2015. Mobile voice and SMS represent 59% of its revenues, and data services represent 19% of total revenues in 2015. Furthermore,
Orange continued to develop Orange Money and ranked number one with a 65% market share of mobile payments (source: BOCRA 2015 annual report). The Orange mobile network covers nearly the entire
population of Botswana, including 53% for 3G services.

Orange has a distribution network of 17 stores around the country, plus an indirect distribution network made up of retail chains and wholesalers.

Orange Botswana’s priorities for 2016 will be as follows:

  • continued growth in the number of customers, fixed-line broadband offers and revenues in the Enterprise segment;
  • growth in mobile data usages and content;
  • continued excellence in the customer experience.


More information on the 2015 Registration Document: Botswana