Ramon Fernandez

Delegate Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director Finance, Performance and Europe

Ramon Fernandez is a graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques and of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration. He began his career at the Treasury where he found a variety of topics that fascinated him including key issues that are vital to public companies: the stock market floating of France Telecom for example.

He joined the International Monetary Fund in mid-1997 at the time of the Asia crisis, then returned to the French Treasury under Francis Mer, the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry. He held several senior management positions before being appointed Chief of Staff to the Minister of Labour, Social Relations, Family and Solidarity. His work at the Ministry of Labour enabled him to discover and appreciate the richness of dialogue necessary with the unions. In 2009, Ramon returned to the French Treasury, but this time as CEO. He played a key role in defending the Euro in a context where France’s position was decisive at the head of the G7 and G20 in 2011.

It was a call from Stéphane Richard that persuaded him to join Orange in 2014, as Delegate CEO in charge of Group Finance and Strategy. He immediately saw the opportunity to join an international group where he recognised the human and intellectual qualities of the teams, along with commercial performance, capacity for innovation and ambition.

Effective 2 May 2018, Ramon will become Delegate CEO and Executive Director Finance, Performance and Europe, supervising the Group’s operations in Europe, excluding France and Spain.