Valérie Le Boulanger

Group Human Resources Executive Director

Valérie Le Boulanger has a degree in Economics from Groupe ESC Normandie and began her career in banking, where she remained for thirty years. She started out at Crédit du Nord where she was directly responsible for banking activities: risk management, financial engineering operations, banking strategy for the corporate market, commercial policy.

She entered the world of Human Resources in 1998 when she became head of the training function. This was a turning point, as since then she has always focused on helping people.

In 2004, she became HR Director for the Business Relations Division, then Director of Employee Relations for the Crédit du Nord Group, a position she also later held at Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France then for the BPCE Group.

In August 2016, she joined Orange as Director of Employee Relations, where she was in charge of collective negotiation and employee relations at Group level in France and internationally, working on transversal Group projects.

Since May 2, 2018, she has been Executive Group Human Resources Executive Director.