activities highlight 2009

In 2009, the individual shareholders committee members met 3 times. Consult the reportings of the years.

  • September 22nd 2009 meeting

    - The Group website, webzine, annual report, and October shareholder's letter analysis and improvements.
    - Comments from Louis-Pierre Wenes (ex-Deputy Chief Executive Officer) about half-year results and Group corporate social responsibility.
    - 2008 GM feedback.

  • April 28th 2009 meeting

    - Committee recommendations for the shareholder's letter and the General Meeting.
    - Direct-vote by Loïc Dessant, Executive Partner of Proxinvest.

  • March 10th 2009 meeting

    - 2008 annual results by Marie-Christine Lambert, Head of Group Controlling.
    - Committee recommendations on the website, chats about innovations in the relationship with shareholders.