activities highlight 2013

In 2013, the individual shareholders committee members met 3 times. Consult the reportings of the year.

  • meeting of November, 5th, 2013

- How to develop a financial communication strategy.
- The new shareholders club.
- The shareholders letter, Orangenews : more about Orangenewshere.

  • meeting of April 15th, 2013

- The resolutions for the AGM 2013 : explained by Nicolas Guerin, Group General Counsel & Cedric Testut, General Counsel Corporate & Financial.
- Competition in telecoms : stakeholders and issues with the intervention of Nicolas Laederich, General Counsel, Competition & Regulation.
- The 2013 General Meeting : presentation of the organization by the shareholder’s relations team.

  • meeting of January 29th, 2013

- Workshops : committee members benchmarked several AGM resolutions reading assistance.
- Visit of the Conservatoire des Telecoms, Group's historical museum depicting two centuries of telecommunications development.