activities highlight 2014

In 2014, the individual shareholders committee members met three times. Consult the reportings of the year.

  • meeting of November, 5th, 2014 at Orange’s headquarters

Brand strategy presentation by Béatrice Mandine Senior Executive, Communication and Brand.

Who are Orange’s individual shareholders? Summary of the survey made by Havas Paris (and CSA institute) on Orange’s retail shareholders.

3rd quarter 2014 financial results : key indicators and discussion on Group’s news.
Web-conferences / feedback.

How Orange improves its relations with individual shareholders/club members thanks to an interactive and additional tool to the current device?
Report of the first web-conference held in June 2014 and committee members’ suggestions to improve it.

2015… a year full of outlooks.
Presentation of the 2015 communication plan dedicated to Orange’s individual shareholders.

  • meeting of April, 17th, 2014 at Orange’s headquarters

- the 2014 AGM resolutions were explained by Cédrid Testut (head of financial and company law).
- 2014 AGM : introduction of the plan of action.
- and also, the 2013 annual results were introduced by Bertrand Deronchaine (head of shareholders relations).
- then, commitee members restored their benchmark about the "shareholders commitee" section on the websites.

  • meeting of February, 11th, 2014at Orange’s headquarters

The individual shareholders committee members met at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.
In the presence of Christine Albanel, Executive Director, the morning was full of rich discussions about the Orange Foundation and its actions around the world.
The Orange Foundation ambition for 2014: to use new digital tools to further solidarity in France and beyond.
The second major preoccupation for the Orange Foundation is culture, with the introduction of projects associating culture with technology and innovation.
Furthermore, the new shareholders’ club have been introduced to committee members, and they shared their comments about it.
The afternoon was naturally dedicated to the visit of the Museum exhibitions.