activities highlight 2015

  •  meeting of October, 29th, 2015 at Orange's headquarters

- Introduction of four new members who joined the CCAO

- The Orange 2015 third quarter results : presentation of key indicators and exchange on the Group's news.

- Update on the Orange's individual shareholders and Orange Renewal of Shareholders Club .

- Presentation by Luc Bretones (Innovation Division , Marketing and Technologies) of Orange's innovation strategy followed by a guided tour of the showroom

  •  meeting of April, 28th, 2015 at Orange's headquarters

- Essentials2020, presentation of the strategic plan by Bertrand Deronchaine (Director of Shareholder Relations )

- The Annual General Meeting 2015, the device and resolutions

- Nicolas Guérin (Group General Counsel) and Cedric Testut (General Counsel Financial Law) presented the resolutions put to vote at the 2015 General Assembly.