Vote on the resolutions, grant a proxy to the Chairman or to a mentioned person? It is now possible to do it online ! If you are interested, just connect to VOTACCESS, a secured website directly reachable from your online account.



Orange offers to its shareholders (before the Annual Shareholders' Meeting) a secure voting platform, VOTACCESS. With this website, you can request an attendance card, vote on the resolutions online, grant a proxy to the Chairman, or grant a proxy to a mentioned person. 



VOTACCESS is only open to shareholder whose bank subscribed to the VOTACCESS system.


Why should I vote online ?

easy : cast your vote through a couple of clicks !
secured : the VOTACCESS voting platform is a full secure solution. Your vote will be confidential.
responsible : e-voting is a dematerialized service, and therefore part of a corporate social responsibility approach.


When can I vote ?

You can vote the resolutions from May 2, 2019 in the morning until May 20, 2019 at 3 pm CET.


How can I log on to the voting website ?

Direct registered shareholders
You can access to VOTACCESS through PLANETSHARES (BNP Paribas Securities Services website) :
https://planetshares.bnpparibas.com by using your personal online account and your usual login codes.

Administrated registred shareholders
You can access to VOTACCESS throught PLANETSHARES
https://planetshares.bnpparibas.com with the codes mentioned on your personalized ballot paper.

Bearer shareholders
You can access to VOTACCESS directly from your personal online account if your bank already joined the VOTACCESS system.