See content differently

Convergence, which is an underlying trend in the European market, places TV and content at the heart of operators’ strategy and is indicative of recent movements in France, or similar ones in Germany or Spain. Fixed network operators are now all TV distributors who encode access to content, in particular to promote and differentiate access to Ultra-High Definition TV.

Portrait  Serge Laroye
In this changing context, Orange intends to use Essentiels2020 to become the European convergence leader, for which purpose content is key.

Orange will thus step up its position in the distribution of pay TV services in countries where it is already established as a TV distributor, or it will develop such a position in countries in which it is an emerging TV distributor. Although each market is different, the challenge is similar in every country.

In this fierce battle to gain access to premium content and offer it to its customers, OCS and its presence among all distributors are a key asset. By strengthening our relationships with partners, Orange can continue to market innovative offers and services such as the Deezer family plan in France, or the streaming Game pass.

Our expertise in technical management of scalable platforms that can respond to the needs of all types of operators, which is most evident in Viaccess-Orca’s skills, enables the Orange Group to play a central role in this area again.

These are the challenges facing us today on the international content market. I am convinced that the Orange Group has all the assets required to meet them.

Serge Laroye, Orange Content Director