Africa and the Middle East

Become a multi-service operator to increasingly meet the essential needs of the population

Multiservice operator, we are fully commited to the digital development of the continent in areas like financial services, energy, education, agriculture, healthcare...

 Key figures

1 in 10 African

are Orange customers.

€5.2 billion

generated revenues while serving more than 122 million customers.

€1 billion

annual investment in networks.

45 million customers (end of 2019)

has an Orange Money account in 17 countries.


was launched in 17 countries, with 22 million customers.

18 000 local employees

Presence in 18 countries

Our activities


We invest  1 billion euros every year in Africa and Middle East, putting Orange at the forefront of the digital transformation. 4G is now available in 15 countries in Africa and the Middle-East, with 16.7 million customers at the end of 2018.

Mobile financial services

40 million people in Africa, who have never had access to a traditional bank account, have now opened an Orange Money account. Our money transfer service and other mobile financial services offer people instant, secure and reliable transactions.


More than 1 in 2 Africans has no access to electricity. The electrification of the continent is a real challenge that we want to address. Orange is already offering a range of Orange Energy solar kits for individuals and professionals in 7 countries. These mobile solutions provide access to electricity for all with a sustainable power supply.


Teaching and vocational training are unquestionably the most strategic digital revolutions for Africa. Digital is the only way to quickly train millions of people, vital for ensuring Africa’s independent and long-lasting development.


Agriculture is a key area in Africa. We advise African farmers thanks to mobile services which enable an increase of their revenues by an average of 10% to 30%.These mobile services provide real innovations for the whole agriculture sector of the continent and are part of the dynamic support of its digital transformation.


Orange partnered with the Ministries of Health of the countries to improve the health through innovative solutions. The "M-Vaccin" project is a prime example of this. The aim is to improve vaccination coverage of regions with the lowest rates by sensibilising the parents and communities.

"Y’Africa", the TV magazine show celebrating African culture

Y Africa

The new TV magazine show “Y’Africa” aims to promote African culture in all its forms and we’re supporting it. Launching on 6 February 2020 in 17 African countries, this unique cultural programme highlights the experiences of 39 artists from 10 different countries.

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