A shared ambition

Orange's management in Middle East and Africa in a nutshell.

Bruno Mettling, Orange Deputy CEO, Orange Middle East and Africa CEO
Orange Middle East and Africa turned in another strong performance this year with turnover of €5.2 billion and growth of 2.6%. Today we are resolutely committed to our role as a partner for digital transformation in Africa and the Middle East. I am confident in our ability to retain our position as a leading partner, not only for our 121 million customers but also for the countries, communities and companies who we work with, sharing a pragmatic vision and respectful and sustainable development methods.
Bruno Mettling, Orange Deputy CEO, Orange Middle East and Africa CEO

DG orange cameroun

Orange is starting to replicate African success stories in Europe.

Elisabeth Medou Badang
CEO Orange Cameroon

DG orange burkina faso

Proud to join the extended Orange family.

Ben Cheick Haidara
CEO Orange Burkina Faso

Patrick Benon DG Orange Botswana

Digital will account for 10% of African GDP in 2025 thanks to productivity gains and the growth of services such as the e-commerce.

Patrick Benon
CEO Orange Botswana

Corinne Lozé DG Orange Centrafrique

Orange puts ethics and compliance at the heart of its development strategy.

Corinne Lozé
CEO Orange Central African Republic

Seydi Ahmed Sy Sarr DG Orange Guinée Bissau

Through its presence in Africa and the Middle East, Orange supports the development of countries like ours.

Seydi Ahmed Sy Sarr
CEO Orange Guinea Bissau

Jérôme Hénique DG Orange Jordanie

Orange is investing heavily in 4G and fibre optics, for example in Jordan.

Jérôme Hénique
CEO Orange Jordan

Mamadou Bamba DG Orange Côte d'Ivoire

Africa is the birthplace of the bank 3.0, with Orange Money launched in Côte d’Ivoire in December 2008.

Mamadou Bamba
CEO Orange Côte d’Ivoire

Jean-Marc Harion DG Orange Égypte

Orange has 121 million customers across the region including 34 million in Egypt.

Jean-Marc Harion
CEO Orange Egypt

Mamadou Coulibaly DG Liberia

With the support of operators, digital acts as a catalyst for greater social inclusion (banking, education, agriculture, etc.).

Mamadou Coulibaly
CEO Liberia

Yves Gauthier DG Orange Maroc

Ensuring connectivity to provide our customers with essential services is at the heart of our priorities.

Yves Gauthier
CEO Orange Morocco

Alassane Diene DG Orange Mali

There are already 400,000 m-agri customers in Mali

Alassane Diene
CEO Orange Mali

Michel Degland DG Orange Madagascar

Connectivity, innovation and solidarity are at the heart of the momentum of Orange Madagascar.

Michel Degland
CEO Orange Madagascar

Sekou Drame DG Sierra Leone

Joining the Orange Group means accessing cutting-edge and tailored innovation in Africa.

Sekou Drame
CEO Sierra Leone

Alioune Ndiaye DG Sonatel

Supporting digital transformation in Senegal means underpinning every aspect of its development – whether economic, social, cultural or artistic – to benefit all stakeholders.

Alioune Ndiaye
CEO Sonatel

Brelotte BA DG Orange Niger

Orange encourages innovation and local entrepreneurship with incubators such as Cipmen.

Brelotte BA
CEO Orange Niger

Jean-Michel Garrouteigt DG Orange république démocratique du Congo

The continent’s digital transition, which is closely tied to the lack of physical infrastructure, offers exceptional opportunities for growth from which we hope to benefit.

Jean-Michel Garrouteigt
CEO Orange Democratic Republic of Congo