Supporting business growth

From large international companies to local SMEs, start-ups and self-employe professionals, all businesses in African and Middle Eastern countries make a significant contribution in terms of economic and social development. Our aim? To help these businesses by delivering tailored products and services, support and high-quality customer relationships, so that they can use their momentum to bolster their country’s growth.

Scalable solutions for professionals and SMEs

Professional customers represent over 90% of businesses on the continent. Whether they are taxi drivers, mechanics, doctors or young entrepreneurs, they all want easy access to new technologies with a view to boosting efficiency and growing their business, while controlling their costs. Along with dedicated mobile and internet solutions, Orange offers innovative services such as Cloud Pro and voice SMS. We also deliver specific solutions designed to help SMEs to professionalise their business and enhance their image, including a mobile device management solution, a mobile PBX service and Web Express, a simple company messaging solution that combines a domain name and a website that can be set up in no time at all.


Big companies : for performance that measures up to business challenges

Large companies continue to prioritise capacity and continuity of connectivity. This is why we develop reliable, efficient services for our customers in a range of fields, including fixed and mobile internet access, business networks, security, M2M and data centres. We work with Orange Business Services, the world leader in integrated communication solutions, to provide key accounts with the world’s largest voice and data network for a seamless experience. Our Group is also a key partner when it comes to installing services such as video surveillance or geolocation, or developing new uses of technology related to connectivity, e-commerce and e-electricity, for instance.

The high-potential B2B market

  • 2 million de pros
  • 200,000 SMEs
  • 8% annual growth for Orange

Tailored solutions to meet every requirement

Our customers have a range of needs, which is why the services we offer are tailored to their usage and budget. For example, the hybrid tariff for mobile device fleets enables professional and SME customers to pay for a mobile tariff for their employees, who can then choose to make additional top-ups on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Dedicated customer relationship

When it comes to business customers, we strive to stay as local as possible and build unique, efficient customer relationships, from approaching small businesses on a one-to-one basis, to Pro corners in shops, to opening Bu iness branches in a number of countries.

Multifaceted support for African entrepreneurship

Orange Group identifies, supports, and promotes entrepreneurs – contributors in the economic development of the continent. Orange Digital Ventures, the Group’s investment fund, has financed Jumia and Afrimarket in particular, which have revolutionised content services and e-commerce. Orange MEA provides business creators with all of the information on support tools via its Orange Entrepreneur Club portal: 5 incubators, 4 Orange Fab in the area and 118 Digital Homes, as well as investment funds like Teranga Capital in Senegal - not to mention the Orange Social Venture Prize with 750 applicants since 2011, helping to utilise innovation for the benefit of all.