Being a digital and caring employer

Orange women and men are pivotal in terms of achieving our goals. That’s why the Group is focused on ensuring skills for tomorrow, developing our collective agility and encouraging commitment from all. Our goal is to ensure that all our employees have a “unique” experience, digital and caring, equal to the one we wish to give our customers.

Ensuring the skills of tomorrow

Being a digital and caring employer means ensuring that employees are in control of their own development throughout their career. Orange Learning, which is a vital tool in this area, offers simple and streamlined training programmes focused on the learner. New digital learning tools are included, and users can even study remotely.

Developing our collective agility

Digital transformation affords us an opportunity to promote co-operation and teamwork in a high-quality working environment. For example, our company social network, Plazza, expands and simplifies dialogue, making it easier to share knowledge and improve our efficiency on behalf of our customers.

Encouraging commitment from all

Orange values each employee’s voice. Our international social barometer, employee-NPS and listening/responding initiatives enable employees to express their opinions and their ideas for the benefit of the business and our customers, and also to contribute to our continuous improvement initiatives. Orange recognises each individuals’ contribution by developing employee shareholding. Lastly, we are using corporate social responsibility and diversity as performance drivers and encouraging our team to be committed to the company.

  1. For the fourth consecutive year, Orange has received Top Employer Africa certification.

Spotting and nurturing talented individuals

The “Talent Objectives in OMEA” programme seeks to prepare for the future by identifying people with promising profiles in our subsidiaries, strengthening development plans, training the next generation of leaders and fostering international mobility. It relies on training, supporting and encouraging Talent Managers and rolling out a specific development path for talented individuals. To that end, a pilot programme focused on women was launched in Morocco in early 2017. We hope to extend the programme to other countries in the future.

Orange, an operator with ethics and integrity

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