Offering value-added services

Half the population in Africa and the Middle East now own a mobile phone. The number of smartphone users has doubled and access to digital is becoming an essential requirement for many. At home and at work, people are increasingly using their mobiles in new ways. Our strategy is to support the development of these new usages by offering innovative services tailored to people’s needs. One example of this is our mobile banking service range.

Orange: a major Mobile Money provider

“Orange Money, which launched in Côte d'Ivoire in 2008, has reached 10 million monthly users from its base of 32 million registered customers, an important milestone that demonstrates the importance of Orange Money in our customers’ daily lives,” says Marc Rennard, Deputy CEO, Customer Experience and Mobile Banking.

Mobile technology has revolutionised the continent's banking practices, becoming a tool for financial transactions for people who don’t have access to a physical bank. More than half a billion people could access a mobile money account in 2016. By giving users the ability to carry out transactions until now reserved for an elite, mobile financial transactions are also contributing to the continent’s economic and social development.

With Orange Money, our customers can withdraw cash, pay bills, make purchases in partner stores, transfer money to loved ones, buy phone credit, transfer money from their bank account to their Orange Money account and vice versa...

Adding more features to Orange Money

With the recent receipt of Electronic Money Establishment licenses (EME) in Senegal, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, DRC and Burkina Faso, Orange Money can accelerate the launch of new services. In September 2016, the Group inaugurated its Orange Money Compliance Expertise Centre (CECOM) in Côte d'Ivoire, which provides mutualised risk and compliance management for its mobile money activities in these countries.

Present in 17 countries, Orange Money will be expanding to our other operating countries. But beyond this extension, Orange intends to develop the range of financial services to better meet our customers’ needs, to include pico-credit, savings etc. It also intends to make this flagship solution in Africa and the Middle East a truly universal online payment method.


Key numbers


billion worth of Orange Money transactions in 2016


YoY revenue growth in 2016


billion Euros of transactions in December 2016

E-commerce: the new driving force behind mobile usage

E-commerce, which is booming in Africa and the Middle East, is a key subject with close ties to mobile usage. That’s why we have entered into a partnership with Jumia: a leading player in African e-commerce that owns 10 sales platforms in 23 countries that are visited by millions of internet users on a daily basis. Our investment in Jumia means that we can sell Orange MEA products and services online in the 12 countries in which we have a common presence. Furthermore, Jumia customers in these countries can also make purchases with Orange Money.

*Cabinet Deloitte study