Offering an optimal customer experience

Exceptional customer experiences are based on quality: the quality of our network performance, of our products and services, and of the relations we forge with our customers on a daily basis. Our priorities are to simplify, personalise and enrich the customer experience, because we believe that these commitments are the key to ushering in the digital transformation in Africa and the Middle East.

A practical and streamlined customer relationship

Throughout the customer journey, our services must be intuitive, fast and easy to understand and install. This is our guiding principle as we seek to understand the needs, expectations and limitations of our various customers, ensuring the same level of support is available to all, whether they are buying their first phone or upgrading devices in their home or office. Similarly, we are taking advantage of new technology as we simplify and enrich our interactions with customers. Specifically, we are rolling out CRM 360, developing m-care with the Orange et Moi application, developing the m-shop, making our presence felt on social media, and much more...

The local distribution network for all

Orange works with a network of 750,000 resellers, which is the largest structured grid in Africa. We also have over 2,000 branded stores. This distribution network ensures that we are rooted in the countries we serve, offering high-quality services and building strong relationships between customers and the Orange brand. In this we are indebted to 20,000 Orange employees and their commitment to providing the very best customer experience.

A unique brand experience

Orange has a strong brand that is perceived as innovative and reassuring in all the countries where we have a presence. It is the bonds we forge with our customers that enable our brand to take root and grow. Through digital technology, we are promoting closeness, sharing and dialogue by offering everyone the opportunity to live out their passions through web platforms such as Orange Football Club and Orange Music Club. By renewing our partnership with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) until 2024, we are also reiterating our commitment to African football and the millions of our customers that love it.

Digitising an entire distribution channel : Nomad

Nomad is an Android application that facilitates the authentication and activation of new accounts and services. First and foremost, in-store sellers can identify prepaid customers, and sell SIM cards with prepaid voice and data packages from their mobile or desktop. However, the key benefit of Nomad is that it enables itinerant resellers to enter records, take the photos required for subscriptions, replace lost or stolen SIM cards and sell value-added services. Nomad’s long-term vision is to become the sales portal for all Orange products and services for street resellers. Available in 14 countries in which the Group has a presence, Nomad helps to simplify the customer journey and improve the performance of the distribution network.

CRM 360 : Putting the customer at the heart of our business

Already in force in Morocco, Niger and Cameroon, CRM (and the 360° perspective) aims to simplify dialogue with our customers by recognising them and retaining the history of their relationship with Orange across our various contact channels (including customer services, stores and social media). Ten other countries are set to join this initiative, enabling us to improve our performance and efficiency, thereby increasing customer satisfaction throughout all stages of the journey.

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