Non-Controlling equity interest: Tunisia

At the end of 2016, Orange Tunisia had 4.3 million mobile customers (an increase of 316,000 customers compared with 2015), or a mobile market share of 26% (source: Instance Nationale des Télécom - munications (INT)), an increase of 3 points compared with the end of 2015. In addition, the company confirmed its leading position in the mobile Internet segment, with a market share of 40.1% (source: INT).

Orange Tunisia is the 3rd largest fixed and mobile operator in Tunisia which, since it joined the mobile market in 2010, has established a strong position in the 3G segment. Orange Tunisia’s strategy, focused on developing data services, continued in 2016 through the launch of 4G.

Orange Tunisia’s growth strategy is based on an innovative and diverse commercial offer, particularly in the prepaid mobile and mobile Internet segments. This dynamic was strengthened in 2016 through the launch of number portability, which allowed Orange Tunisia to acquire 27,000 new mobile numbers, or 58.5% of the total number of portabilities carried out. In addition to the continued development of distribution, as regards technical developments, 2016 saw the successful rollout of 4G and the continuation of the plan for extending and densifying the network.


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