Orange Spain’s Activities

2016 was marked by an improvement in key macroeconomic indicators. GDP grew by 3.1% (compared with 3.2% in 2015), the unemployment rate fell to 19.4% (down 2.7 percentage points from 2015) and household consumption rose to 1.8% (from 1.7% in 2015).

Following the successful integration of Jazztel into Orange España during the second half of 2015, both carriers turned into one company in 2016. Orange España based the strategy of the new company on the combined potential of the 4G and FTTH networks, boosted by improved services, the increased number of TV customers, and the expanded convergence of the customer base.

2016 was marked by a growth of 6.0% in revenues on a comparable basis (+17.9% on a historical basis), backed by increased revenues from services. Revenues generated by fixed services grew by 5.0% on a comparable basis, while mobile services continued to improve, with revenues of 2.6 billion euros in 2016, up by 7.7% on a comparable basis. The success of its convergence offers enabled Orange to expand its broadband customer base by 5% in one year.
Orange was able to significantly boost its very high-speed broadband (VHBB) capacity, with 9.6 million connectable households at end-2016.
In 2016, Orange’s FTTH customer base (including Jazztel) doubled, reaching 1.6 million subscribers at the end of the year.
The Orange mobile network covered 99.4% of the population in 2G technology, 98.9% in 3G, and 90.3% in 4G.

TV offers also worked as growth drivers. At the end of 2016, Orange TV had 507,000 subscribers (corresponding to a 1.7-fold increase in football broadcast offers and improved contents.
In respect of the mobile market, Orange maintained its position as top net seller and also expanded its subscriber base to 12.7 million, up 5.8% over 2015. Orange’s strategy focuses on providing value-formoney, high-quality services, including low-cost offers, to meet the needs of all customer segments.




The Orange retail distribution network consists of 1,809 points of sale including:

  • Orange’s own shops;
  • franchises;
  • specialized shops under the Orange brand;
  • specialized Jazztel stands and shops under the Jazztel, Amena and Simyo brands;
  • non-exclusive specialized shops; and dedicated areas inside hypermarkets.

Finally, the on-line sales share continues to grow and now accounts for 16% of total sales (general public).


More information on the 2016 Registration Document: 3.1.2 Spain