In the year 2015 Orange Botswana through Corporate Social Responsibility supported start-ups in Agriculture.


m-Agri is a mobile application designed by a young and innovative Motswana, Martin Stimela of Branstorne for farmers in underserved communities. The system offers affordable connectivity for all local farmers (including the most underserved in remote villages), by creating a comprehensive mobile ecosystem for the agricultural community, through which farmers can market and sell their products, learn farming tips from Ministry of Agriculture, and access financial services through the use of basic mobile phones. The platform also provides an information facility with news and announcements sections on prices, subsidies, events and weather forecasts. Orange Botswana provides connectivity and technical to this project.


Modisar is a livestock management application that guides livestock farmers towards profitable farming. Modisar achieves this through a precision livestock management app, livestock farming knowledge base & market insights. It was developed by Modisar Net, a local company owned by two young Batswana. The name Modisar comes from a TSWANA name "Modisa" which means ‘livestock care taker’. “At Modisar we value farmers and livestock production. We are inspired by relentless efforts made by livestock farmers everywhere to feed the world with high quality protein despite having a lot of challenges such as recurring droughts, recurring outbreaks of parasites & diseases, lack of access to valuable information and lack of proper management tools. We decided to develop Modisar to address the challenges faced by livestock farmers,” says Thuto Gaotingwe on Modisar.