House of Chiefs Cultural Day

Orange Foundation Botswana sponsored a national cultural event organised by local traditional chiefs through the National Assembly for traditional leaders also known as the “House of Chiefs”. The purpose of the event was to celebrate cultural diversity as well as to preserve and promote local cultures. In celebration of cultural diversity, the culture day brought together different publics and displayed the varied cultures from Botswana ethnic groups. These included traditional games, food, clothing, arts and crafts, music and dance.

Orange LetlhAfula

Orange LetlhAfula is an annual Orange sponsored cultural event held at Botswana Craft. Sponsored by Orange, this event is aimed at celebrating Botswana culture through the showcasing of the different cultures through music, dance, food and traditional games. Each year Batswana come dressed up in their best traditional outfits and enjoy a day out enjoying the diverse Botswana culture. 
This year’s event will be held on 7th May 2016.