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The telecommunications market in Cameroon grew by 4.6% despite a slight decline due to stricter regulations on subscribers’ identification.

Orange Cameroon finished 2016 with a base of 5.8 million active mobile customers, a decrease of 1.2 million compared with 2015, impacted by the implementation of the new regulations on subscribers’ identification.

In 2016, trends previously observed in the Cameroonian telecom - munications market continued, such as greater competition, resulting in price pressure and a progressive substitution of voice and SMS applications by data communications and value-added services.

In response, Orange Cameroon launched a large program to expand its 3G and 4G coverage and upgrade its access network, with a view to align its network capabilities with new applications and the development of high- and very high-speed broadband.

Furthermore, Orange Cameroon consolidated its leading position in mobile payments thanks to the numerous innovations of its Orange Money service. An Orange Money Visa card was launched in December.


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