Ethics: A High Performance Mentality

In an ever-changing world, our mission is to offer the greatest number of Cameroonians the best customer experience in order to make Orange Cameroon the point of reference in the Central Africa sub-region.

At Orange Cameroon, we think that a ethos of high performance is a key factor in the success of our mission. This ethos is expressed by four postures we consider essential:

Customer orientation, Results orientation, Total professionalism, Total ethics

Orange Cameroon has adopted rules of conduct so as to ensure and increase the trust of its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners, and society as a whole.

These action principles are based on our four Essential Postures. We commit to respecting these principles every day, and to ensuring that all our stakeholders also adhere to them. We commit to always setting an example in the areas of ethical behavior, the fight against corruption, and compliance with standards for responsible and transparent governance.

An Improved Compliance Initiative

In 2013, Orange created the Compliance function, an initiative to protect Orange Cameroon against the increasing risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Compliance includes diverse areas such as prevention of corruption, compliance with international economic sanctions or embargoes, protection of personal data, and banking compliance. The goal of the Chief Compliance Officer is to design, deploy, and coordinate Compliance programs.

A Foundational Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, which was adopted in 2005 and updated in 2016, reflects our commitment to conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and meet all legal and regulatory requirements. It contains action and conduct guidelines for Orange Cameroon and its employees, and in particular describes how to avoid conflicts of interest and report any facts, risks, or problems of an ethical nature. Orange Cameroon does not tolerate retaliation of any kind against those who sound the alert in good faith. The Group’s commitments and memberships imply our strong social, societal and human values used in the fight against corruption and promotion of human rights and freedom of expression.

Improved Ethical Governance

An Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee (EPCC) has been in place since 2014. The EPCC is responsible for addressing questions regarding ethics and professional conduct. Its members are nominated by the CEO of Orange Cameroon.

The EPCC regularly assesses application of the Code of Ethics, as well as Orange Cameroon’s practices regarding ethics and professional conduct. It examines the particular matters submitted to it by Orange Cameroon employees/partners, or their managers, and does so under conditions that guarantee confidentiality.

The EPCC makes an annual report to the CEO of Orange, and to the Chairman of the Orange Cameroon Board of Directors regarding its activity.
Orange Cameroon has also nominated Ethical Advisors who are responsible for handling reports and requests for advice regarding ethical matters.

Corruption: zero tolerance

In 2015, the Group reaffirmed its commitment to zero tolerance regarding corruption in a document signed by Stéphane Richard and the entire Executive Committee.

Corruption has been classified as one of Orange Cameroon’s major risks, and e-learning training on prevention, available in four languages, has been implemented as part of the Compliance policy.

Reporting system

Reporting abuses is a civic act that should be encouraged, and should not be considered a betrayal justifying retaliation.

If you wish to report suspected unethical conduct, you can:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Send a letter to the Executive Management of Orange Cameroon SA, to the attention of the Chairman of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee.