Orange Cameroon networks

Orange Cameroon (OCM) is an operator that offers mobile voice and data communication services (with GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ technologies) and residential services with Wimax, dedicated radio-relay link and fiber technologies.

These services are built around an access network that has been fully renovated with next generation equipment, with 1,650 2G sites and 850 3G sites across the country, covering around 30,000 locations, including 100% of towns and cities with over 50,000 inhabitants and 85% of the country’s road networks.

On a very high-speed fiber-optic urban and interurban transmission network based on DWDM technology and a very high-speed IP-MPLS backbone. 
Fully renovated Next Generation Network (NGN) core.

To satisfy its customers, with their increasingly strong demands, several areas for development are planned :

  • Continuing to extend the access network.
  • Introducing 4G and 5G technologies, which are better aligned with the speed and quality levels required.
  • Migrating to cloud environments.
  • Virtualizing platforms and equipment.
  • Migrating to more flexible “all-IP” transmission technologies.
  • Building a more dense fiber network.

Orange Cameroon networks

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Greater Proximity for a Better Customer Experience

Between August and October 2016, Orange Cameroon’s distribution channels were restructured throughout the country in two principal areas:

  • Our commercial presence was reinforced at the indirect distribution level. The goal is to obtain complete control over the network and so guarantee digital availability and the value of our products and services in order to improve customer satisfaction;
  • Increasing the density of our direct network to ensure we remain close to our customers and provide high-quality service. During these months, we increased the number of franchises (O’shops, VIP) and Orange Money stores to meet customer demand for this product, which is greatly appreciated by the Cameroonian population. The main news, however, is the opening of a franchise in the heart of Ebolowa, which ensures us a direct presence in that city, which, including the Orange Cameroon agency, now has two stores.