Commitment to the digitalization of Cameroon, the promotion of soccer and cultural and community activities

iPhone 7 launch

Contributing to the digital transformation in Africa means making the latest telecommunications technologies available to our customers. This is why on September 7 Orange Cameroon officially presented the iPhone 7 at an Apple keynote address. The phone has a new processor and a more powerful camera and it no longer has a headphone jack. Orange organized a launch ceremony at a customer site in partnership with Glothelo to introduce the new model in Cameroon.

This will allow Orange Cameroon to strengthen its position as an innovation leader.

The Voice - Africa

The promotion of cultural activities, and in particular of musical events, remains a major component of Orange’s sponsorship strategy. In this area, Orange has once again been innovative in its support of musical initiatives that in particular target young people. We must also, in our own way, help develop local talent by offering them platforms for their musical expression.

The Voice - Africa is now a vector of our strategy to support local music and entertain young people in Cameroon with new concepts.

Vacation Championships

The “Vacation Championships” program is in its 13th year in 2016. Young people from Cameroon’s urban neighborhoods and villages are invited to test their skills in the country’s stadiums. The public is also involved since, in many locations, it is the only event during the vacation season.
Orange has sustained this initiative for 13 years by keeping these young people in mind, each time introducing major innovations.
There are a number of very interesting new features this year, including:

  • The new-format for Champion’s League;
  • The new-format for TV Show;
  • The Orange soccer platform;
  • Social networks.

Vacation Championships

The CEO visits Buea

We need to get to know our customers better if we are to meet their essential needs. For this reason, and in line with our new brand positioning, the CEO visited the Southwest Region of Cameroon.
The agenda included:

  • A meeting with customers, representatives of civil society, and several key accounts customers to strengthen their cooperation with Orange;
  • A working session with the CEO of the CDC to reinforce our partnership agreements;
  • A meeting with the Rector of the University of Buea to determine the foundation of an innovative partnership in what is now a very competitive environment, in particular due to Mobile Money;
  • A conference on leadership with students from the University of Buea.

The CEO visits Buea