Welcome to Orange Central African Republic

The growth of telecommunications, the potential of which is significant as the penetration rate remains low, is still affected by the country’s challenges (strong inflation, infrastructure deficiency), particularly due to the conflicts that have been known since 2013.

Orange is the most recent company to join the market, which comprises four operators. Orange has more than 400,000 active mobile subscribers, most of them being prepaid customers. After being the first operator to launch the 3G network in 2013, Orange has provided the four main cities of the country with mobile data services through its positioning in offers to companies, organizations and international military forces. In addition, Orange is the only operator to provide mobile payment services since it launched its Orange Money offer in 2016.

Orange Central African Republic has the second-largest distribution network in the country in terms of scale, with a total of 109 sites, and draws on direct and indirect distribution channels comprising 30 distributors and 8,000 resellers.



More information on the 2016 Registration Document: Central African Republic