Orange Centrafrique’s networks

Orange Centrafrique is investing in its mobile network to enhance its coverage and its quality of service, and currently has the second most extensive network in the country. It achieves this through 99 sites (as of 31/12/2014, 63 of these sites were 2G and 36 were 2G/3G), allowing it to offer mobile services in 51 towns and cities.

Our vision for 2016 is to install technology that meets the needs of our customers.

  • New sites will be set up to provide a network with high voice quality that is available throughout the country.
  • The sites will be more densely located to create a smooth 3G+ mobile data connection.
  • A reliable WIMAX service will be provided to businesses.
  • The network backbone will be secured to improve QoS.

Orange Central African Republic networks

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