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In 2016, the telecommunications market continued to see a decrease in the mobile penetration rate, which stood at 102% at the end of 2016, or a reduction of 17 points compared with 2015 (Source: Orange Mali estimates). This trend results from the implementation of new identification rules for subscribers, which came into force at the end of 2015.

Orange, as the second company to join the mobile market, still managed to maintain its leading position in this segment, with a market share of 59.3% (source: Orange Mali estimates). The other operators in this market are the incumbent operator Sotelma, held by Maroc Télécom, and the Planor-Monaco Télécom International consortium operating through the Malian operating company Alpha Télécommunication Mali SA (Atel-SA).

At the end of 2016, Orange Mali’s network covered about 95% of the population and 46% of the country and had a base of 11.3 million active mobile subscribers, of which more than 99% were prepaid customers. Their uses mainly cover voice, mobile Internet and mobile payment services. Launched in June 2010, Orange Money service had 3.5 million customers at the end of 2016 (compared with 3.4 million at the end of 2015). The broadband Internet customer base, which included close to 191,000 subscribers at the end of 2016, grew by more than 15% compared with 2015.



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