Welcome to Orange Marocco

In 2016, the telecommunications market in Morocco was marked by a significant drop of 15% in average prices for mobile services, which led to a 12% increase in average usage per customer (source: ANRT, 4th quarter of 2016).

For the first time in several quarters, the new rules for the approval of offers by regulatory authorities helped increase prices during the 3rd quarter of 2016. The Internet market’s dynamics continued in 2016, with an increase of the penetration rate from 43% at end-2015 to 50% at end-2016, mainly resulting from mobile Internet growth, which accounted for 93% of Internet access and with an increase of 18.6% in users in 2016 (source: ANRT, 4th quarter of 2016).

Orange is present in the Moroccan market through a subsidiary that, after having operated under the Meditel brand, has been marketing its services under the Orange brand since December 8, 2016. Orange Morocco, which had a base of 13.9 million mobile subscribers at the end of December 2016, saw, in 2016, its mobile market share increase to 32.8%, up by 0.9 percentage points (source: ANRT). Hence, Orange Morocco confirmed its 2nd place in the market, behind Morocco Telecom and before Wana Telecom, whose mobile market shares at end-2016 were 44% and 23%, respectively. In addition, the number of Orange Morocco mobile Internet subscribers stood at 3.8 million at the end of December 2016, which represents a market share of 23.8% (source ANRT).



Among the highlights for 2016, Orange Morocco notably:

  • reviewed its residential and B2B offers in accordance with new regulatory guidelines, and ended the marketing of its unlimited offers;
  • submitted a complaint to the ANRT against IAM for anticompetitive practices in the context of unbundling;
  • reestablished on November 4, as instructed by the regulatory authorities, VoIP, which had been interrupted since January 1, 2016, which accelerated the decrease in outgoing and incoming international traffic;
  • transferred all of its business activities and offers from the Meditel brand to the Orange brand;
  • continued to provide innovative and attractive support for the development of the contract market.


More information on the 2016 Registration Document: Marocco