Welcome to Orange Niger

The most recent company to join the mobile market, Orange Niger is the second-largest operator, with a mobile market share of 29.5% (source: Orange estimates).

This position remained unchanged despite the establishment of the public operator Niger Télécom, which resulted in an alliance with Sonitel and Sahelcom at the end of 2016. At the end of 2016, Orange Niger’s base comprised 1.6 million active mobile customers with a coverage of 82% of the population. As the first operator to have launched the 3G network, from 2011, Orange Niger is also leading the broadband mobile Internet market.

Orange Niger’s business activities draw on a direct distribution network of 10 stores, in addition to an indirect distribution network comprising 28 distributors and more than 22,000 points of sale across the country.



More information on the 2016 Registration Document: Niger