Orange unveils its purpose: the whole company is committed

“We are a trusted partner who gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world”. This is how we define our fundamental meaning and contribution to society and the planet. Because we’re the first CAC 40 company to have worked together to define its purpose, we invite you to read on and discover more about it.  

People of Orange

In France, with the PACTE law coming into force, organisations can officially and formally define their role in society, which translates to their purpose. This approach introduces the notion of the company’s social interest.

The whole Group is behind it: there were more than 130,000 votes and over 2,300 contributions.
We also invited input from our internal and external stakeholders: social partners, authorities, NGOs, customers, elected officials, investors and opinion leaders among others. 

Stéphane Richard tweet : pupose of Orange

Our purpose

As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.

Our mission is to ensure that digital services are well thought-out, made available and used in a more caring, inclusive and sustainable way in all areas of our business.

Orange does everything in its power to ensure people and organisations enjoy a more autonomous, secure digital life.

Through the engagement and expertise of the Group’s teams, Orange employs innovative technologies and services everywhere, and for everyone.

A company’s purpose forms the fundamental meaning behind its business activities in all its dimensions. It relates to its business performance, societal contribution and environmental impact. In short:  the purpose is the expression of why the company is useful for society.

In words

In words: Orange purpose
Stéphane Richard - PDG Orange
Proud to reveal our purpose : "as a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world”. This essential mission will guide all our actions and be the foundation on which we build the trust of our stakeholders.
Stéphane Richard - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In video: what is the Orange purpose?

Discover what a purpose is, and is not.

A more responsible digital world

For Orange there are four key words:  trust,  proximity,  service quality, and  humanity, which set us apart in all the services we offer our customers, stakeholders and partners.
We must also defend our own vision of the digital world.  Responsible technology, choosing a different pathway from those proposed by other digital players.
We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to continue to grow and develop the digital world while making it a better place to be, by which we mean more caring, equal and sustainable. 

We are a trusted partner who offers everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.