Human Inside: when technology enables progress

Demographics, natural resources, climate, digital divide: many questions arise for the individual as well as for the planet, particularly in terms of the digital revolution, which throws our future lifestyles into question. Listening to these major societal issues, Orange has developed an approach to innovation in the form of a commitment: human beings as the starting and finishing point for all of our activities. This is the essence of our "Human inside" philosophy, which guides us every day to ensure that everyone becomes an active participant in, and can benefit from, a digital world.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange
Innovation is the product of people’s know-how, creativity and emotions, supporting an history, ethic, and vision for the future. And at Orange our philosophy is that innovation is only transformed into progress when it serves people.
Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange


Better me

Developing everyone’s potential
We believe that technology must contribute to developing everyone’s potential and must therefore be accessible to as many people as possible.
Connected objects, data and artificial intelligence enrich our relationships with others, giving us permanent access to collective knowledge. As long as these are readily available, everyone can find new ways to meet their needs in terms of knowledge, interaction, experiences and well-being.
Technology frees us from the constraints of time and space. Tomorrow, our intelligent digital assistants will be able to represent us in meetings and perform simple tasks. Robotics and embedded intelligence in objects will open the path towards new services that improve our lives, for example in e-health.
Far from the illusion of man-machine, the long-term challenge is to channel this flood of digital data into relevant ways that benefit each person and to fight against digital divides to encourage freer, more diverse and more creative lifestyles.

Smarter society

Building a smarter, more responsible and open society
Digital technology is a tremendous opportunity for us to build a smarter, more responsible society open to everyone. Trade, working, family, institutions, citizenship, education and culture: digital promotes new ways to interact with each other and offers new social or trading agreements. For example, the rise of mobile financial services and digital currencies creates new systems of exchange, where going paperless reduces costs and streamlines an increasingly decentralized economy to potentially offer more local benefits.
Never has knowledge been so abundant and available, yet not everyone has access to it. The crucial issue then lies in the large-scale deployment of connectivity and services in order to allow access to knowledge and collective intelligence.
For a knowledge-based economy to be useful to all, it must be founded on trust. Innovation must be responsible to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal data for individuals, communities and businesses.

Augmented planet

Contributing to an increasingly connected but also well-balanced planet 
A digital planet spins before our eyes. Technology has reached the four corners of the world, bringing with it global, intelligent and extended connectivity. This augmented planet, where our physical and digital universes are no longer separate, is rich in possibilities.
Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, robotics and connected objects are contributing to a growing global "data set". From which we can better anticipate, regulate and optimize many aspects of human activity: cities, transport, agriculture, energy ...
These technological developments also offer a tremendous opportunity to better exploit and conserve the earth’s limited natural resources.
The challenge for our smarter planet is its growing dependence on an increasingly complex and powerful "information system" on a global scale. That is why, through our innovations, we want to help ensure the availability, safety and resilience of these abundant digital ecosystems.

Digital Citizen

Choosing the digital society that we want
The changes brought about by digital technologies ultimately mean it’s up to us to choose the society we want, taking on the challenge of reinventing a citizenship that is more digital, enlightened and shared by the greatest number.
To do this, Orange strives to support those who want to control their digital life better and even question its impact. Because for everyone, especially younger people, to be in control of their digital identity, means managing their online use to make the most of it.
Access to digital and this new language is however not available to everyone. Therefore, in order to share the benefits of digital technology as widely as possible, Orange is committed to reducing the digital divide, in particular through its Orange Foundation projects, by supporting the most vulnerable people in their access to learning, training and knowledge.
As a more collective issue, the question of digital governance and the need to regulate new uses both call for the development of a more enlightened citizenship in our digital era.