Our sponsorships help fans get closer to the events and experiences they’re passionate about, such as film, music and sport.

There’s no sport without supporters, music festivals without a crowd or cinema without an audience. In line with our brand signature “it’s all about what matters to you”, we focus on recognising the real heroes and stars – the fans – by supporting the essential initiatives they love and providing innovative solutions to help them enjoy their passion even more.

For Orange, sponsorship goes beyond putting our logo on a football shirt or film credit. We foster successful partnerships to create powerful experiences that have a positive impact and long-term legacy.


Whether it’s an opportunity to attend an exclusive film preview, win “I’m with the band” VIP music festival passes, or shine in the spotlight for being the Fan of the Match in a football stadium, Orange recognises and rewards fans for their passion.


Everything from free Wi-Fi and phone charging at festivals, to laying enough fibre optic cables to circumnavigate the world (twice) to deliver 100% TV up-time during the UEFA EURO 2016™, we use technology to enhance people’s experiences.


From recycling plastic into football kit to support grassroots football, to treating customers to quality time with loved once on a weekly basis at their local cinema, we want our sponsorships to be a catalyst for positive change, both for the individual and the collective.