Emotions at the heart of film

With so many emotions at the heart of any film experience, it made sense to showcase some of them : from happiness and sadness to fear and love. All of them were captured during our 2017 TV campaign, through the story of a girl, and the tricks of the film crew.

First ever movie directed live by people’s emotions 

Through Facebook Live Orange created the first short film directed by people’s emotions. Users chose from five emotions. Then, according to the emotion with the most votes, the film crew and the actors acted out the film scene. Voters could change the scene multiple times to see it played out using more emotions. 




In the mood to make her laugh or cry?

Interactive billboard across Orange markets

Playing with emotions didn’t stop there… even the billboards came over all emotional. Using facial recognition technology to detect people’s emotions, the heroine of the Orange TV advert was poised inside the billboard to react and interact with passers by.

About the original soundtrack

The campaign’s music was recorded at the famous AIR Studios in London in Lyndhurst Hall, a former Victorian church, which was converted in 1991 and inaugurated by Sir George Martin (famous Beatles producer), in the presence of the Prince of Wales. The original music “Cinematic Dream” was composed by Eric Neveux, a prolific composer of French film and TV (Cézanne et moi, Pattaya, Un village français…). It was recorded with 56 musicians, and all of this talent and history is just the beginning in creating emotion in film!


The Crew - making of

Go behind the scenes and discover all the secrets of the advertisement directed by Nico Perez Veiga. 


Facebook live - making of

Go behind the scenes and discover all the secrets of the first short film directed by people’s emotions. 


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