Our priority: an incomparable Orange experience

With its new strategic project, Essentials2020, Orange has set itself the task of ensuring it is ever-present to connect every individual to what is essential to them, and to provide a unique daily customer experience by designing the digital services that allow all our customers to enjoy securely what is essential to them.

Furthermore, Orange believes that customer experience and ethical relations go hand in hand. The digital revolution cannot take place unless everyone is firmly committed to the challenges of security and the protection of personal data.

This is why Orange is working hard to create the conditions required for us to become the benchmark operator that offers all our customers this unique daily experience. Instead of starting with ourselves, our technology, our services and our call centres, we are now going to start with our customers, and their hopes and expectations.

This involves listening then taking action, so that together we can come up with “made-to-measure” solutions which genuinely meet the needs of our customers. Our new brand will play an active role in supporting this ambition by helping all our customers to focus more intuitively on what is essential to them.

We will achieve our ambition with five action levers and a single, dynamic approach, as an efficient and responsible digital company.

  • Offering enriched connectivity
  • Reinventing the customer relationship
  • Building an employer model that combines the digital with the human
  • Supporting the transformation of corporate customers
  • Diversifying by capitalizing on our assets
  • The dynamic approach of an efficient and responsible digital company