Open in 2020, Bridge will offer a new headquarters for Orange but also a living space open to the whole world that promotes discussion and a welcoming environment. The future is up to you

In 2020, more than 3,000 employees will gather in Issy-les-Moulineaux on the banks of the Seine to work at the new Orange headquarters. More than just a building, this 56,000m2 space was designed by architect Jean-Paul to offer an employee experience that enables everyone to enjoy a tailored, comfortable and motivating environment.

A new headquarters that epitomises the Orange spirit

Bridge is a major transformation project that will combine the Group’s corporate and operational functions. The new headquarters will embody an agile, fast and open company that is a key player in driving today’s digital world.

Open in 2020, Bridge will offer a new workplace but also a living space open to the whole world that promotes discussion and a welcoming environment.

Workspaces that adapt to business activities

The need for greater mobility, collaboration and co-creation is bringing about new business uses. These are profoundly changing the way people work internally and externally and the Bridge project teams are recognising these developments. By collaborating with the Group’s employees to imagine future ways of working, Bridge is emblematic of a large business transformation project through a new headquarters that can be configured according to its teams and business priorities.

Services that are co-designed with future occupants


The Group’s headquarters are born from an approach of listening to employees and incorporating their feedback about what they want from a workplace. The project has been collective from the beginning to ensure the best understanding of each occupant’s business activity, expectations and constraints, and to co-construct the right spaces and experiences for the future. Café-style brainstorms and workshops have been running since July 2017 and will extend after the planning stage so that employees’ needs are taken into consideration before and after they move in.

Bridge will reflect our ambition: to be an innovative company with the human touch.
Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Innovative services and reinvented workspaces

What would your ideal workspace include? A rooftop farm? A café and breakout area? Pet friendly?

Bridge is open to all ideas and wants to offer all future occupants an innovative and tailored employee experience. This means new services and spaces will be designed as part of the project experience as and when they’re proposed.

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