Five levers supported by the dynamic approach of a responsible digital company

Our strategic plan must strengthen the group’s responsible digital development: we want to achieve our economic objectives with due regard to social performance by being an ethic company that respects the ecosystem. And in order to do so successfully, we need to use digital tools to increase our efficiency, pursue and improve operational efficiency, play a key role in the ecological transition, foster open innovation and continue to be an ethical business partner.

Initiatives and ambitions for 2018

  • To increase efficiency using digital tools, with a particular emphasis on digitalizing our internal and external processes (with Big Data, social media and collaborative tools).
  • To pursue and improve our operational efficiency through the Chrysalid program.
  • To foster open innovation with the aim of supporting 500 start-ups by 2018.
  • To take part in the ecological transition by reducing CO2 emissions by 15% compared to 2006.
  • To continue to be an ethical business partner.


Our actions

  1. Orange Fab