Offering enriched connectivity

As the customer experience begins with the quality of the network, the Orange experience will be based first and foremost on enriched connectivity wherever we operate.

Initiatives and ambitions for 2018

  • Prioritize network Capex according to their impact on customer experience and to get close to zero dropped calls in all major urban areas.
  • To carry on developing very high speed fiber broadband, with the objective of achieving more than 4 million FTTH customers by 2018.
  • To continue developing very high speed mobile broadband, with the objective of launching 4G commercially in 20 footprint countries and conducting preparatory work for 5G.
  • To carry on modernizing our networks, ramping up the virtualization of new network and IT infrastructures, with the objective of bringing new generation voice services to the market from January 2018.
  • To offer an even richer content experience through partnership agreements with the best content providers, a new set-top box and a completely new interface.

Our actions

  1. A 100% connected subway in Malaga
  2. Very high speed broadband: Community of Valencia stepping up the pace